The Harlequins Neighbourhood – an exciting new destination for the people of London. Delivering a state-of-the-art multi-use venue, alongside a world-renowned health and wellbeing campus for all.

Driving our vision for this important project are three core objectives:


To position Harlequins at the centre of the local community for the next 150 years

Harlequins has been part of the local community for over a century and a resident at The Stoop for the last 54 years. We are proud to call the Borough of Richmond upon Thames our home.

We are also in a privileged position that our established identity and expertise allows us to reach beyond the world of rugby. This development opportunity will enable us to grow our already burgeoning community initiatives, such as the influential Harlequins Foundation.

We will listen to the priorities of our neighbours to improve the lives of those around us and leave the Club and our community in a better place than when we first arrived, promoting a greener, healthier living environment for our residents. Together with we can shape a masterplan that everyone can benefit from, based around the core values of Sport, Health and Wellness.

We want to remain an integral part of the community for the next 150 years. By continually challenging ourselves and listening to our residents and supporters, we can evolve as a club both on the field and off it, and can use this development as a catalyst to contribute even more to the local area and beyond.


To deliver a state-of-the-art stadium for our supporters and our community

On almost every measure, from audience to participation, the sport continues to grow. To remain competitive on the pitch and financially sustainable off it, the Club must keep up with this growth.

Our existing facilities do not enable this. Our stadium is at capacity for the majority of Premiership games, our facilities are outdated with limited opportunity to improve and we are at risk of falling behind our competitors in size and offer.

We need a new state-of-the-art venue that continues to grow the Club’s role within the community and contributes to the services it requires. The venue needs to deliver not only for our teams and our visitors, but for our community as well. It must be open and accessible, the very best customer experience for visitors.

While there is a real need to modernise our home, we are aware of the affection there is towards The Stoop and understand how important our history is. This is not about throwing away our past, but is instead a necessary evolution for Harlequin FC.




To ensure the long-term growth of Harlequins

This project will deliver long-term financial stability, thereby ensuring a self-sustaining future for Harlequins.

Our number one goal is to be the greatest club in the world. We need to have excellent, modern facilities to recruit the best players to grow the team and consistently compete amongst rugby’s elite. We also want to provide the best possible service to our sponsors and partners, as well as attracting new ones, all of whom require improved assets and value from their investment.

By delivering a new neighbourhood with a state-of-the-art stadium at its heart, and continually expanding our contribution to the local area, we can ensure we lead the conversation of what a rugby club should be, both on the pitch and off it. It will allow us to both grow as a club, and as a vital member of this community, as well as attract more people to enjoy the game that we love, all while ensuring the future sustainability for Harlequins.