We will be providing details on our emerging designs over the coming months as part of our consultation programme. We will continually update this page as we answer your questions as part of this consultation.

How big a stadium are you proposing?

We have an ambition to roughly double the capacity of The Stoop, however a lot of design work and consultation must be carried out before this is finalised. We also want to provide the best possible environment for all the Harlequins’ teams to succeed against the world’s best, attract the very best players and coaching staff, and ultimately win more trophies for this great club.

Will a new stadium be located on the current site or are there plans to relocate?

The Stoop has been our home for 54 years and we intend to remain here. We are not looking to move elsewhere.

Will there be a grass or plastic pitch?

Our preference is for a grass pitch however we are keen to hear the views of our supporters. We will explore the latest in playing surface technology as part of this project, with the input of our players and coaches a key consideration.

Will the concourse around the pitch remain or will you have a running track?

We are not looking to design a running track around the pitch. One of the aims of the new stadium project is to retain the key characteristics that make The Stoop unique. We know how popular the concourse around the pitch is by all visitors to the stadium, however we are also aware of its limitations. We are keen to retain a concourse that allows supporters such a unique experience and will be working closely with our fans to ensure it enhances and does not hinder matchday experiences or views of the pitch from the sidelines.

What else is being proposed as part of the masterplan?

The number one priority given to the design team as part of their brief was to ensure that the whole development site works in harmony with The Stoop and is not separate to the stadium development. We are currently exploring the details of the wider masterplan, however. We want to create a mixed-use destination with public spaces and amenities for all to enjoy on non-matchdays as much as matchdays.

How much is this going to cost and who is funding the development?

We are currently developing the funding model, so are not currently in a position to share any details. This is however a crucial area we must get right to ensure the project’s long-term success.

Will the Club increase our Membership and ticket prices to fund the development and if so, how much will our prices go up?

We are currently developing the funding model for the new stadium, but we will not be asking our supporters to fund the development. We will discuss any potential ticket price changes through our usual membership communication channels at the appropriate time.

How will members, supporters and local residents be consulted?

At the appropriate time, we will be presenting our early concepts and emerging designs to the local community, our supporters and stakeholders, via surveys, public drop-in exhibitions, community meetings and online updates.

Our aspirations will continually evolve through discussion with residents and Richmond Council as we engage and listen to the public’s views. We are not only committed to fully consult, but we believe that success cannot be achieved without the input of our neighbours and other stakeholders.

We are here to listen. We want to understand your priorities and what the project ideals mean to you.

When will the new stadium be built?

We are still very early in the planning process and have not yet begun our formal consultation with the public before submitting a planning application to Richmond Council. We will come back to you on our overall programme shortly when we can confirm our timetable of delivery.

When will you be releasing details and images of the proposed development?

Working with Populous, the leading global architecture and design practice, we will to present further details about the scheme as part of our ongoing consultation programme. You can check our dedicated website for regular updates or sign-up to our mailing list here to receive updates directly from the Club.

When will you be submitting a planning application?

We do not yet have a date for planning application submission. We must first carry out a full consultation programme with our supporters, local residents, Richmond Council and our other key stakeholders which has not yet begun. We will be communicating these dates with all relevant parties to ensure as many people as possible can be involved in the process.

When can I inquire about purchasing tickets to the new stadium / Will I be able to sit in the same seat when the news stadium is built?

We are still far too early in the process to answer this and have not yet begun formal consultation on our proposals nor submitted a planning application. If our application is successful however, we will be working closely with our supporters and Members to answer these questions and ensure that everyone can get the best possible match-day experience at The Stoop.